Phase I of the Belmont Forum E-Infrastructures and Data Management Collaborative Research Action has brought together domain scientists, computer and information scientists, legal scholars, social scientists, and other experts from more than 14 countries to establish recommendations on how the Belmont Forum can implement a more coordinated, holistic, and sustainable approach to the funding and support of global environmental change research.

Conclusions were drawn from a series of collaborative scoping activities, including a survey of the global change research community, conducted as part of an extensive 18-month international review on the state of global data management, networking, computing, legal issues and governance. 

The Community Edition of the project's Phase I deliverable, a Community Strategy and Implementation Plan (CSIP) entitled "A Place to Stand: e-Infrastructures and Data Management for Global Change Research", was released in August 2015. The Community Edition explains the recommendations on how the Belmont Forum can leverage existing resources and investments to foster global coordination in e-Infrastructures and data management.

Implementation of the project (Phase II) is currently underway. Work is being undertaken as four independent but interrelated Action Themes, described in the Phase II Implementation Plan. An overview of the project and an events calendar is available on the Activities tab

Project updates can be found on the documents or the announcements pages.

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