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Jean Pierre Vilotte (ANR) presents at the RDA 11th Plenary in Berlin, April 2018

Call for Proposals Now Open: Science-driven e-Infrastructure and Innovation (SEI CRA)

On 16 April 2018, the Belmont Forum released a Collaborative Research Action funding opportunity designed to address data-related challenges in Belmont Forum research and directly contribute to sustainable e-Infrastructure solutions and practices. This action is an integral part of the Community Strategy and Implementation Plan released by the e-Infrastructures and Data Management project in 2015 as the final report of the Scoping Phase. Development of the funding call was led by e-Infrastructures Champion Jean Pierre Vilotte of ANR (Action Theme 3).  Dr. Vilotte describes the funding opportunity below: 

On behalf of the e-Infrastructures and Data Management team and our partners at Ministry of Science and Technology (Chinese Taipei), Japan Science and Technology, U.S. National Science Foundation, and FAPESP Brazil, I am pleased that the call for proposals for Science-driven e-Infrastructure and Innovation (SEI CRA) has been released. This call is a concrete step towards lowering the barriers for transnational open data and data-intensive analytics in Belmont Forum-funded research, and signifies the critical role of science-driven technologies and infrastructures in that process.

Read Call Documents.

During the 4-year implementation of the SEI CRA, there will be continuous steering activity led by a Task Force to co-implement the CRA with the funded projects, e-I&DM team, international experts and representatives from pertinent organisations such as RDA, CODATA, ICSU-WDS and GEO. This steering activity, and the yearly workshops, give us a unique opportunity to monitor and integrate the projects’ Data and Digital Outputs Management Plans (DDOMP) as they evolve. This, for me, is the most important process to make Data Management Plans concrete and alive. An important objective too, is to acculturate researchers toward transnational open data sharing and open science, together with accelerating the rate at which new information can be gleaned from transnational data with innovative e-infrastructures and data-intensive methods for fundamental research to address society’s urgent need for solutions to global changes.

-- Jean-Pierre Vilotte, ANR, e-I&DM Champion for e-Infrastructures (above, presenting SEI CRA at RDA P-11, Berlin)